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We need financial help from individual sponsors, community business owners and organizations.  

O-Live! Theatre is not a non-profit organization. Our performances are funded by our

Executive Director Nicole Newman-Colter, our producers and generous people like you.


In return, company ads and sponsor lists are placed in our playbills and you, the generous

supporter have a captive audience of theatre goers thumbing through the program 30 to 40

minutes prior to the opening of the show, reaching hundreds of potential customers.


Parents, aunts, uncles, cousins,  co-workers, and friends make up our audience. With your

support we create works that inspire creativity, imagination, celebrate diversity, and change

as well as instill emotional and social awareness. 


O-Live! Theatre is committed to establishing and operating a professional performing arts group in the West Valley of Phoenix, Arizona. We not only present artistic work with professional actors, we promote and encourage the presentation and creation of visual and performing arts with raw talent from everyday people in the community thus enhancing the public's appreciation, enjoyment and understanding of the arts for residential, business communities, schools, families, and audiences of all ages.





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